Comcast Xfinity’s compact XI3-H IP set-top-box clears the FCC


Earlier this year, Xfinity announced plans to release an IP set-top-box called the XI3.  Today, a version of the device called the XI3-H cleared the FCC, getting pictured and torn down in the process.  The XI3-H is manufactured by Humax, contrary to earlier reports that the device would be manufactured by Pace.

Photos of the XI3-H show Cable In (MoCA), TV out, SPDIF out, HDMI in/out, Ethernet and USB ports.  The front of the device also has an SD card slot, although it’s unclear what SD storage on the XI3-H will be used for.  There is a “Record” indicator on the front of the XI3-H, so it’s possible that the device will allow TV to be recorded on external SD storage.  The XI3-H also lacks internal storage, which makes either external or network storage a necessity for recording.

Xfinity hasn’t released many details about the XI3-H, although today’s FCC filing suggests that we will learning more about the device soon.  You can check out the FCC filings for the device here.

Comcast’s Skype on TV accessory hits the FCC, brings video chat to the big screen


Comcast has been talking about integrating Skype with their Xfinity service for about half a year now, and recently the company’s appropriately named Skype on TV accessory made an appearance on the FCC.  The device consists of a camera and microphone accessory that attaches to the top of a TV, pictured above, and a small adapter box, see gallery below, which manages connections between Xfinity’s set top box and the camera array.  The system also comes with a QWERTY remote that should make typing Skype messages pretty painless.

User manuals for Skype for TV show a 10-foot style interface that does a good job of bringing Skype’s interface to a TV screen.  You can make audio or video calls, as well as send instant messages.  Most Skype features, such as setting availability and viewing contacts are available on Skype for TV.  One thing that appears to be missing is file transfers – although I’m not really sure how that would work anyway.

One interesting feature of Skype on TV is the ability to overlay video chat over TV, or display video chats in a small picture-in-picture style display.  Users can toggle back and forth between their video chat and TV, which, while somewhat rude, seems very convenient.

Check out the gallery below to see more images of the Skype on TV interface.image

Comcast’s Xfinity Universal Digital Transport Adapter HD-DTA100u hits the FCC


Tired of bulky set top boxes taking up space in your home theater?  Take a look at Comcast’s Xfinity Universal Digital Transport Adapter (model HD-DTA100u), which passed through the FCC today.  This tiny box is just a few inches long, yet brings full access to Comcast’s content via coax cable.  The DTA features coax and HDMI out ports for outputting video to a TV, as well as a remote control.

The HD-DTA100u is manufactured by Motorola, however user manuals contained in FCC filings confirm that Comcast will use the device for its cable service.  No word yet on pricing or availability.

Comcast’s Xfinity Spectrum quad-tuner cable card HD DVR offers Facebook, Twitter support


Comcast subscribers…see that box above?  You want one.  This is Comcast’s new Xfinity Spectrum quad-turner HD DVR.  That’s right, four tuners means you can watch one show, while recording three more.

The Spectrum also introduces Comcast’s Social TV concept that integrates social media services such as Facebook and Twitter with your cable TV interface.  The box will have a “Friends Trends” interface that will allow users to rank movies and TV shows with their friends.  The box also allows subscribers to listen to music over Pandora, or watch YouTube videos.

The back of the Spectrum offers component, composite, HDMI, S-video and digital audio out ports, as well as USB, 1394 and Ethernet connections.  You’ll also notice a cable card slot – it looks like the Spectrum will require a cable card to work.

We don’t have any word on when the Spectrum will be released, or how much it will cost.  The device did make its way through the FCC today, suggesting that a launch date is near.


New Comcast xfinity HomePoint WiFi and VOIP router makes its way through the FCC


Comcast started to roll out its HomePoint service late last year in select markets.  The service combines VoIP and Internet services into a single router.  Today, what appears to be a new version of Comcast’s HomePoint solution made an appearance on the FCC, thanks to a filing by SMC networks.


The device, which is referred to in FCC filings as the SMCD3USG, pictured above, bears Comcast’s xfinity brand, which Comcast uses for its triple play services.  The device features 802.11 b/g/n wireless and support for DECT handsets.  We’re guessing that Comcast will offer this router with one of their customized DECT handsets, like the one pictured to the left.

The SMCD3USG also features telephone and alarm jacks, four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, two USB ports, and a MoCA/Cable input.  Since phone service will be provided by this router, the device has space for two 2600 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that will maintain phone service in the event of a power failure.

The manual for the SMCD3USG can be found here.

The SMCD3USG is a pretty substantial device, measuring 10” x 8.7” x 3.2”, and weighing in at 2.3 pounds.  No word on pricing or a release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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