Sony’s ultra-thin VAIO Z tear down reveals lots of carbon fiber


This summer, Sony released its top-of-the-line VAIO Z laptop.  Measuring only 0.7-inches thin, the VAIO Z is Sony’s most recent entrant into the ultrabook category.

Thanks to recently released FCC internal photos, we are now able to take a peek inside the VAIO Z.  FCC photos focus primarily on the VAIO Z’s wireless card and antennas, but we do get a good look at the device’s carbon fiber construction.  Sony’s extensive reliance on carbon fiber in the VAIO Z helps the device to tip the scales at only 2.5 pounds.  However, it also contributes to the VAIO Z’s $2000 plus price tag.

FCC photos also give us a good look at the VAIO Z’s main board.  Components are tightly packed together, and the device’s SSD drive and wireless card are visible.  The VAIO’ Z’s processor is hidden under a circuit board, right next to two fans that vent heat outside the left hand side of the device.

Check out the full VAIO Z gallery, below:

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