Updated Touchpad from Logitech hits the FCC, gives PC users a Magic Trackpad alternative


Last year Logitech released its first competitor to Apple’s Magic Trackpad.  Known as the Logitech Touchpad, the device featured a five-inch touchpad, USB dongle and space for 2 AA batteries.

Today, an updated version of the Touchpad from Logitech hit the FCC.  Although Logitech’s FCC filings did not include any pictures, we do notice that the new Touchpad will feature a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable – a nice edition that will cut down on battery swapping.

No word on pricing or release date, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that we’ll hear more from Logitech soon.

HP’s Touchpad gets an FCC teardown, takes a final bow


Unless HP has another fire sale, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the HP Touchpad again on store (or virtual store) shelves.  But thanks to the FCC, which just released internal photos of the Touchpad, we get a last look inside the device.

Sadly, FCC photos are pretty low res, so we only get a blurry view at the Touchpad’s Qualcomm processor, Sandisk SDRAM, and Samsung SDRAM.  We do however get a good look at the device’s WWAN card, which is manufactured by Ericsson.

You can check out the full FCC internal photo gallery below.  This isn’t the first nor the best teardown of the Touchpad – iSuppli did a good job at tearing down the device and developing a BOM for its components.  But we can’t help but take one last look at the Touchpad before it heads to tech’s big recycle bin of failed products.

HP’s final run of TouchPads sells out in a matter of hours


HP sold off what appears to be the last of its TouchPad inventory on eBay today.  As with previous TouchPad sales, HP offered steep discounts on the $500+ tablets.  The company sold the 16GB TouchPad for $99, while the 32GB TouchPad went for $149.  Both versions of the devices were refurbished.

The 16GB TouchPad sold out in a matter of minutes, and a few hours later the 32GB TouchPad was sold out as well.  Demand for the TouchPad was so strong that eBay and PayPal websites had trouble processing payments for the devices at times.

Earlier last week, HP announced that it will open source webOS.  The company also announced vague plans to pursue webOS hardware in 2013.  For the moment however, it appears that today’s eBay auction is the last we will be seeing of HP’s webOS hardware for at least a couple years.

Source:  Tech Crunch

Here is a Windows multitouch keyboard/trackpad combo that doesn’t look awful


Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co. isn’t exactly a household name, but the company does seem to have a knack for producing attractive Windows input devices.  The company’s E2700 Wireless Multi-media Touchpad keyboard is…well…exactly what it sounds like – a wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad.  The keypad itself is compact, with the keys stretching to the edges of the device.  On the right side of the keypad is a multi-touch touchpad that recognizes two finger gestures for scrolling and right/left mouse clicks.  They keyboard is powered by two AA batteries, and uses a tiny USB dongle for wireless communication.

No word on if or when the E2700 will make its way to the States, but this seems like one of the first attractive keyboard/touchpad combos to hit the FCC as of late.

HP’s wireless Touchstone charger for the TouchPad gets torn down, FCC approved


Why don’t all tablets have wireless charging capabilities?  We don’t know.  But HP’s TouchPad does, and today the company’s Touchstone wireless charger for the Touchpad got the go-ahead from the FCC.

At first, the Touchstone charger looks like just another tablet stand.  But once you crack open the Touchstone you see a bunch of foil, a wireless charging coil, and a small circuit board.  Take a look at the full gallery of internal Touchstone photos below.

While the TouchPad hasn’t exactly taken the tablet market by storm, we really do love the device’s wireless charging capabilities.  Although it takes only a couple of seconds to plug in a wired charger, we’ve used wireless chargers for a variety of devices now and once you go wireless, those couple of seconds seem like a huge inconvenience.

You can buy the Touchstone charger for $67 on Amazon here.

Innvera’s wireless Yo-Pad touchpad doubles as a number pad


Wireless accessory manufacturer Innvera passed the Yo-Pad, pictured above left, through the FCC today.  The innovative device has a touch sensitive surface that accepts a wide range of multitouch gestures, above right.  The device also recognizes handwriting, and can convert even complex Chinese characters to text.  Additionally, at the push of a button, the Yo-Pad converts into a number pad.  Although the device doesn’t have the tactile feedback of a traditional number pad, its touch sensitive surface makes it easy to quickly input numbers with a minimum of effort.

The Yo-Pad connects to PCs via wireless 2.4GHz dongle.  The device also features rechargeable batteries for added convenience.

No word on pricing or availability at this point, but we can see the Yo-Pad taking the place of a Magic Trackpad or the undersized touchpad on a notebook.

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