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Sony Ericsson’s CK15a txt pro QWERTY slider hits the FCC


Sony Ericsson passed its txt pro CK15a entry-level smartphone through the FCC today.  The device sports a sliding landscape QWERTY keypad and runs a proprietary Sony Ericsson OS.  As its name suggests, the txt pro is messaging centric, and features Gmail, Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook and txt apps.  Other features include a 3-inch screen with a 400 x 240 resolution, 64MB of RAM, up to 100MB of internal storage, microSD card support up to 32GB, a 3.2MP camera and up to 400 hours of standby time.

No word on pricing or availability, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that we’ll be seeing the txt pro soon.  The device supports AT&T and T-Mobile bands in the US.

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY now just $0.01 at Amazon with two year contract


Amazon Wireless currently has the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android phone on sale for just $0.01 with a two year contract.  While that price suggests that Sony Ericsson isn’t exactly selling many of the PLAYs, it is a great deal for new Verizon customers aching to get their hands on the so-called Playstation Phone.

To get this price, you’ll need to sign a two year contract, including a voice plan of at least $40 per month, and a data plan costing at least $30 per month – standard Verizon terms.

Take a look at this deal by clicking here.

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 mini pro gets a Gingerbread update

With most Android smartphone screens now in the 4-inch plus range, we welcomed the diminutive form factor of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro, an Android smartphone with a footprint just slightly larger than a credit card.  Unfortunately, the X10 mini pro was a bit outdated when it was released, relying on Android 1.6, an underpowered 600MHz processor, and just 128MB of RAM.

Well it looks like Sony Ericsson will soon introduce a much needed updated to the X10 mini pro, pictured above.  The device, which is currently known as the XK17i, sports Android 2.3, and what appears to be the same 2.55-inch screen featured on the X10 mini pro.  The device also has a streamlined layout of hard and soft Android buttons, as well as an attractive matte-black exterior.

At this point, we don’t know much else about the XK17i.  Hopefully the device will offer a processor in the 1GHz range, along with increased RAM and internal storage.  There are few sub 3-inch Android smartphones available today, and this small form factor will likely find a following among space-conscious users or users that need a small secondary Android smartphone when they’re on the go.  No word on pricing or availability yet, but the XK17i above looks like it’s near its final release, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony Ericsson announces the device soon.

Source:  Phandroid, Engadget

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo launching on April 19th in UK for £299


Sure, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Arc may be drawing the lion’s share of press, but lets not forget about the Xperia neo, a 3.7-inch Android smartphone that offers a pretty solid feature set.  Like the Arc, the neo features an 8MP rear camera that supports HD video recording.  The neo also rocks a 1GHz processor, 320MB of RAM and microSD storage supported up to 32GB.  Sure, the neo is a bit more bulky than the Arc, but at just 13mm thin and 4.4 ounces, the neo wouldn’t weigh you down too much.

Clove Technology currently has the neo available for preorder for £299 plus VAT, which brings the device’s price up to £358.80.  Clove expects to get the device in stock on April 19th.  You can preorder the device now by clicking here.  US users will need to pay an additional £16 of postage for 2-4 day shipping via DHL.

Source:  Android Community

Verizon’s Sony Ericsson Xperia Play user manual published by FCC


Verizon’s version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play appeared on the FCC on April 1st, and today the device appeared yet again, this time with a Verizon-branded user manual, above.  You can download the user manual here.  It only has 19 pages, so it is not complete, but it’s worth taking a look at regardless.

The manual confirms that the Xperia Play will come preloaded with Bing for Mobile, as well as Verizon’s V CAST Media Manager, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, and VZ Navigator.  Skype Mobile for the Play is also available via download.  The manual briefly mentions games for the Xperia Play, but simply refers users to the Android Market for game downloads.

On Friday, we noted that the Xperia Play has a SIM card slot – quite unusual for a Verizon phone without 4G.  Interestingly, the manual mentions to a SIM card PIM, which will apparently be provided by Verizon.

Check out the full FCC filing for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play here.

CDMA Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for Verizon hits the FCC, gets torn down


The GSM version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play first appeared on the FCC in early March, and today the CDMA version of the Play won FCC approval.  Better yet, the FCC treated us to more internal photos of the device, which you can see below.

It doesn’t look like there are many differences between the GSM and CDMA versions of the Play.  The CDMA Play even has a SIM card slot, even though CDMA devices don’t need a SIM card.  It is possible that this is a 4G LTE SIM card slot, however neither Sony Ericsson nor Verizon has indicated that the Play will support LTE.

Internal photos of the device do give us a good look at its Elpida memory and Qualcomm power management chip.  You can also see the device’s Synaptics touch pad, which is situated between the d-pad and main buttons.

We don’t have an official release date or pricing for the Verizon Play yet.  However, leaked Verizon documents do list April 14th as a tentative launch date for the device.

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