Samsung 7

Samsung’s 10.1” tablet with hidden keyboard bridges the gap between tablet and netbook

The death of netbooks has been widely predicted since Apple’s iPad was introduced last year.  However, Samsung isn’t prepared to throw in the towel on the netbook market just yet.  Instead, the company is focusing on helping netbooks evolve.

The company’s Samsung 7 series device, which was announced today, bridges the gap between tablets and netbooks.  The device features a 10.1” HD LCD touchscreen display, just like a tablet.  But the Samsung 7’s screen folds up to reveal a full keyboard.  The device also runs on netbook hardware and software, including Windows 7, an Intel Atom Oak Trail Z670 CPU, up to a 64GB SSD Hard Drive, Integrated Intel Graphics, HDMI out and a 1.3Mp camera.

Is this the best of both worlds?  At just 0.78” thin and 2.18 pounds in weight, the Samsung 7 is definitely slim like a tablet, but the device has enough power and the keyboard that you’ll need for more robust Windows applications.  And, with a price tag of just under $700, the Samsung 7 costs about as much as a 64GB iPad.

We’ll keep a look out for this one at CES.

Source:  Engadget

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