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HP’s ‘Preppy Pink’ Mini 210 netbook gets official

We first spotted HP’s Pink Mini 210 on the FCC back in April.  Today, HP formally unveiled the Preppy Pink Mini 210, above left, along with a more subtle Crystal White Mini 210.

We like the work HP is doing to make its netbooks less bland.  However, the Preppy Pink design does seem to be targeted at the rather narrow demographic of plaid loving women.

Source:  Engadget

The HP Mini 210 gets a pink makeover


We first spotted the HP Mini 210, aka HSTNN-Q46C, on the FCC back in December 2009.  At that time, all we had were label pics of the device.  Today, HP passed the same netbook through the FCC, this time with an upgraded Ralink WLAN module, a new chiclet keyboard, and an interesting pinkish, plaid color scheme.

HP has made an effort to make its Mini Series netbooks more unique, offering imprints from Tord Boontje and Vivienne Tam.  We don’t see any designer-branding on this Mini 210, but the pink plaid color scheme is definitely targeted towards a fashion conscious, female crowd.

Additionally, pics of this Mini 210 show what appears to be a new chiclet keypad that features shallow, rounded keys.  This isn’t a big change from the other Mini 210 models – it’s almost like HP just sanded down the keys.

This version of the Mini 210 also has a Gobi2000, for worldwide 3G connectivity, while its Ralink WiFi card supports 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi.

Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead with this thing, but it is nice to see that HP is customizing its Mini line to appeal to specific market segments.  No word on pricing or availability.


HP Mini 210 sporting Intel Atom N450 spotted on for $322 to $399


Yes, yes, more PineView news.  We’re putting together a thorough summary of today’s PineView media explosion, but for now here’s a new PineView netbook from HP.

There has been a ton of rumors about the HP Mini 210 and full specs for the device were spotted today on e-tailer’s site.  According to eCost’s product pages, the Mini 210 will sport the Intel Atom N450 PineView processor, 1 GB of RAM, 160 to 250 GB of hard drive space and 802.11 b/g/n.

The Mini 210 will be available in several colors, including Solid Black, Sonoma Red, Pacific Blue, Matte Black with Pattern, Silver with Pattern and Matte Silver with Pattern.

Pricing on eCost ranges from $321.99 to $398.99, depending on the configuration of the netbook.  All Mini 210s are listed as ‘Temporarily out of stock’ for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these get official within a couple of weeks.

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