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Apple to unveil new MacBook Pro with Light Peak this week? Here’s a roundup of the rumors.

When the Internets get word of a possible new Apple product, it’s big news.  This weekend, hints that Apple would soon be introducing a new MacBook, possibly as soon as next week, started to surface from a number of sources.  Here’s a roundup of what we’ve heard so far.

Apple Insider:  Apple stores have been told to expect “sealed packages” next week, along with instructions not to break the integrity of these packages until a specific date.  These instructions suggest that the packages contain a still-unannounced product that will be launched as soon as next week.

9to5Mac:  New MacBook Pros will be coming next week.  Ship dates for existing Apple MacBook Pros have increased to 2-4 days, rather than the normal 24 hours.  This suggests that Apple’s supply of MacBooks is dwindling in preparation for a new launch.

SlideToMac:  Unnamed sources report that five new laptops are coming from Apple next week.  Two of these will be upgrades to the MacBook Pro 13”, two will be upgrades to the MacBook Pro 15”, and one will be a new version of the 17” MacBook Pro.

Engadget:  New Apple laptop SKUs have shown up on Best Buy’s Laptop Discovery Tool, with price points ranging from $1200 to $2500.  No word on exactly what these laptops will be, or when they will be released.  They are only listed as “coming soon” in Best Buy’s Laptop Discovery Tool.

CNET:  Expect an announcement about a new high-speed connection technology from Apple “soon.”  Referred to internally as Light Peak, this technology would replace the many connectors that we use today for monitors, drives, printers, etc.  Relying on copper, Light Peak will carry data at 10GB per second in both directions simultaneously – much faster than USB 3.0.  Light Peak will likely be integrated into Apple’s new MacBooks, which are rumored to be launching on February 24th.

TUAW:  There are multiple indicators that the MacBook Pro lineup will be refreshed on February 24th.  New Apple MacBook Pros were already expected in the first half of 2011, but recently there have been shortages in inventory of the current MacBook Pro lineup.  Multiple sources have reported that the MacBook Pro will be updated sometime between late February and March.

Tom’s Hardware:  Pictures of new MacBook Pros may have been accidentally leaked in Intel ads, above.  A number of sources suggest that the laptop pictured above is a new version of the MacBook Pro, although of course this could just be an image of a stock laptop.  Still, Intel has leaked pictures of Apple products before, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again.

Viewed individually, the validity of these articles is not convincing.  But with so many sources reporting that we will see a new MacBook Pro as early as next week, we’re inclined to think something is up.  At the very least, if you’re thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, you should at least hold off for a couple of weeks.

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