Kindle Fire HDX

Three New Amazon Tablets Pass Through the FCC


Three new Amazon tablets passed through the FCC on Friday, joining the Kindle Fire HDX which appeared on the FCC on September 24, 2013.  As usual, Amazon’s FCC filings were made through third party – this time Amazon chose Kilpatrick LLC.  Kilpatrick LLC, which is likely just a shell company that Amazon will use for this round of FCC filings, was responsible for the FCC filings of the Kindle Fire HDX, which has the FCC ID S2F-8560 – you can see the filings for the Fire HDX here.

Amazon’s new FCC filings show four tablets with the FCC IDs S2F-5830, S2F-6740 and S2F-7650.  Predictably, Amazon doesn’t give many details about the tablets, other than required band usage and simple label location pictures.  Based on Amazon’s FCC filings it looks like the new tablets are just different versions of the Fire HDX.  For example the S2F-6740 features LTE connectivity while the S2F-8560 is a WiFi only device.

In any case, Friday’s FCC filings are a good indication that the 4G versions of the HDX will be shipping soon.

Links to Amazon’s FCC filings are below:




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