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Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G for Verizon back in stock at Amazon


It’s been pretty tough to order the Galaxy Nexus 4G online since the device was released nearly two weeks ago.  Wirefly and Letstalk both currently have the device backordered, and until today Amazon didn’t expect to ship the device for at least a week.  However, Amazon now has the Galaxy Nexus back in stock for $250 with a two year contract – that’s $50 less than buying the device directly from Verizon.

Check out the Galaxy Nexus’ product page on Amazon here.

Update:  Wirefly has the Galaxy Nexus back in stock as well for a low $230 for new Verizon customers.  View Wirefly’s product page here.

Update 2:  The Galaxy Nexus is now backordered at Amazon, with ship times listed as 1 to 3 weeks.

Google Wallet now available for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, comes will free $10 Prepaid Card

Google Wallet is now available for all versions of the Galaxy Nexus, including Verizon’s LTE version of the device.  The .apk below works will any Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.2 – just download and install.

Best yet – once you add a card to Google Wallet you will get a free $10 Prepaid Card from Google!

Download here.

Source:  Droid-Life, XDA-Developers

Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery now just $25 from Verizon


Not loving the battery life of Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus?  Stop on by Verizon Wireless’ site today where you can get the Galaxy Nexus’ extended battery for a low $25, plus tax.  Just add the battery, which usually retails for $50, to your cart and you will see the price drop to $25.  Follow this link to Verizon Wireless, click “View All” accessories, and you should see the Galaxy Nexus extended battery in the third row.

Note that the LTE Galaxy Nexus battery will NOT fit in the GSM Galaxy Nexus.

Source:  LogicBuy

Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available for $150 from Amazon Wireless


Verizon finally announced that it will release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on December 15th for $300 with a two year contract.  But why not save yourself a benjamin and head over to Amazon Wireless, where the device can be had for just $200 with a two year contract for new users.  Existing Verizon customers with an eligible upgrade will need to pay an additional $50.

It appears that Amazon has the device currently backordered, so you may have to wait a few days to get your Galaxy Nexus.  But after waiting so long, what’s a few more days?

Check out Amazon’s Galaxy Nexus product page here.

Update:  Amazon cut their price by an additional $50, so new Verizon customers can get the Galaxy Nexus for just $150 with a two year contract.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus sold today at Verizon, Best Buy locations


Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus was expected to launch last Friday, according to a few tipsters who got their hands on a screenshot of an internal Verizon database.  However, Friday came and passed with no Verizon Galaxy Nexus in sight.  To make matters worse, a screenshot of a Verizon memo indicated that the device’s launch date had been delayed.  The same memo also suggested that some stores may already have the Galaxy Nexus in stock – stores were just prevented from releasing their Galaxy Nexus inventory for sale.

It appears that at least one Best Buy location didn’t get word of the Galaxy Nexus’ delayed release, however.  According to the receipt above, a Best Buy location in Kansas apparently sold a Verizon Galaxy Nexus unit to a customer…on contract, no less.  Images from the buyer show the device, clad in Verizon branding, unboxed and ready to use.  Droid-Life is also reporting that some Verizon stores sold the Galaxy Nexus to a few customers as well.

The good news here is that it does appear that the Galaxy Nexus will be launched on December 15th, as many sources have reported.  While it may be infuriating to think that Verizon Galaxy Nexus units are sitting unboxed in the back of Verizon Retail and Best Buy stores, the good news is that the device will likely be released in just three short days.

Source:  Android Central


Verizon launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on December 9th, Motorola DROID 4 on December 8th

Galaxy Nexus and Droid 4

Engadget got a juicy tip today that, if legit, confirms that this will be a huge week for Verizon Android releases.  According to Engadget’s tipster and the leaked screenshot, pictured above, point-of-sale displays for the Galaxy Nexus will hit Verizon stores by the end-of-day on December 8th, with the Galaxy Nexus’ release scheduled for December 9th.  Unfortunately, Verizon confirmed today that it will not support the Galaxy Nexus’ NFC-based Google Wallet capabilities at launch – putting a slight damper on the device’s heavily anticipated launch in the US.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Nexus will be launched one day after the Motorola DROID 4, according to the same source.  The DROID 4 is Motorola’s latest upgrade to the popular DROID series of Android smartphones with a horizontally sliding QWERTY keypad.  The DROID 4 passed through the FCC on December 5th, and FCC test reports show that the device will feature wireless charging capabilities.

It’s a bit odd that Verizon hasn’t formally announced the Galaxy Nexus’ launch date and leaked screenshots aren’t necessarily 100% accurate.  But, at this point, it does appear that we will be seeing two big launches for Verizon this week.

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