HTC’s EVO 3D gets an FCC tear down, shows us all three dimensions


The HTC EVO 3D was the company’s first 3D phone.  The device, which was launched on Sprint in the US, featured a glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display, and could record 3D pictures and video.

Today, FCC internal photos of the EVO 3D were released, giving us an excellent look at the device’s innards.  Among other things, FCC internal photos give us a clear shot of the EVO 3D’s Qualcomm MSM6280 processor, Hynix SDRAM and Broadcom Bluetooth chip.  We also see the device’s dual-lens 3D camera up close and personal, below.

It’s unclear how many EVO 3Ds HTC actually sold – I haven’t yet seen one in the wild.  But it’s quite interesting to see the device torn down for the sake of government compliance.  Check out the full gallery, below.


HTC EVO 3D hits the FCC with full schematics in tow


Yesterday, we learned that the HTC EVO 3D will be released by Sprint on June 24th, and today the device made its first appearance on the FCC.  FCC filings confirm support for CDMA/EvDO 850 and 1900 bands, as well as WiMAX, Bluetooth and WiFi.  The EVO 3D is known as the PG86100 in FCC filings, as you can see from the device’s label picture, above.

Interestingly, HTC also published the full schematics for the EVO 3D, which you can view by clicking here, then selecting “Schematic”.  A few notable chips outlined in the schematics include:

imageQualcomm MSM8660 processor

eMMC + LPDDR2 SDRAM (no manufacturer listed)

Silicon Image SiI9244BO (HDMI)

Atmel mXT224c12 touch screen sensor

Sequans SQN1210 WiMAX Soc

TI TLV320AIC3254 Audio CODEC

TI TPA2051D3 Audio Subsystem

TI TPS65200YFFR (?)

Qualcomm PMM8160

Qualcomm QTR8615

Broadcom BCM4329 802.11n/Bluetooth transceiver

While the schematics don’t reveal anything new, it is quite fascinating to take a look at the internals of the EVO 3D.

Best Buy now secretly taking preorders for the HTC EVO 3D

HTC’s first 3D phone, the HTC EVO 3D, is apparently available for preorder at Best Buy today, at least if the Best Buy Employee News letter, pictured above, is legit.  The letter describes what Best Buy employees can and cannot say regarding the HTC EVO 3D:  specifically, Best Buy employees cannot comment on anything posted in blogs or unofficial sources, or actively promote the HTC EVO 3D’s presale.  However, the letter does indicate that Best Buy employees can indeed reserve the EVO 3D through the “presale process” starting today, March 2nd.

While it is quite ironic that this internal news letter claiming that blogs are unreliable was published on the Android Central blog, some commenters on Android Central are reporting that they have been able to successfully reserve the EVO 3D with a $50 deposit.  So, if you want to be first in line for an EVO 3D, it couldn’t hurt to make a trip to your local Best Buy to find out if the presale list is legit.  Just don’t mention that you learned of the list from a blog.

Source:  Android Central

Update: HTC EVO 3D and HTC View 4G appear on Sprint’s website


Well look what just showed up on Sprint’s website.  Yup, the HTC EVO 3D Android smartphone and EVO View 4G Android tablet are official, in case you didn’t believe the leaked marketing materials for these two devices that emerged today.

Sprint doesn’t disclose much information about the EVO 3D or EVO View 4G tablet, but the company will let you sign up for more information, when it is released.  Sign up for the EVO 3D here, and the EVO View 4G here.

Source:  Engadget

HTC EVO 3D, EVO View 4G confirmed by leaked marketing materials

The EVO 3D and EVO View 4G will indeed be unveiled tomorrow by Sprint and HTC, thanks to leaked marketing materials photographed by the good folks at Pocketnow.com.  As you can see above, the EVO 3D is a 6 ounce device that will sport a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4.3” 3D display with a 960×540 resolution, dual front (1.3MP) and rear (5MP) cameras, and 1080p HD output, along with 720p 3D output.

The EVO View 4G is a 7” tablet, as expected, with a 1024 x 600 resolution display, 1.5GHz processor, front (1.3MP) and rear (5MP) cameras.  The device will weigh 15 ounces – slightly heavier than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

Both devices will run Android with HTC Sense, although Sprint’s marketing materials don’t reveal what version.  Sprint is expected to unveil both devices at its CTIA announcement at 1pm ET tomorrow, so you won’t have to wait much longer for the full story.

Take a look at EVO View 4G marketing materials after the jump.

Source:  Pocketnow.com via BGR

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HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO View 4G to be unveiled at CTIA


BGR got their hands on HTC’s planned announcements for CTIA this week, and boy do they look exciting.

First we have the HTC EVO 3D, which, as its name suggests, will be able to take and record 3D images and video.  The device will also come with 3D YouTube and Blockbuster apps, and wo;; be able to output 1080p HDMI video via HDMI with 720p 3D video output supported as well.

Other specs include a 4.3” qHD Autostereoscopic 3Ddisplay with a 960 x 450 resolution, 4GB of ROM, 1GB of RAM, a dual core 1.2GHz Qualcomm CPU, dual 5MP rear cameras for taking 3D video, a front facing 1.3MP camera, and a 1730 mAh battery.  The EVO 3D will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

HTC will also introduce the EVO View 4G at CTIA, a 7” tablet with a 1024 x 600 resolution, 1.3MP camera and HDMI out.  Unfortunately, the View 4G will be running Android 2.3, not Honeycomb.

CTIA will kick off on Monday, March 22nd.

Source:  BGR

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