The Pebble Watch wins FCC approval, gets torn down, shipping soon?


Better late than never?  Today, the Kickstarter-funded Pebble watch made an appearance on the FCC – a good sign that the device is close to launching.  The Pebble has faced several delays since the device completed its Kickstarter funding in May 2012.  The Pebble was originally scheduled to launch in September, but earlier this month Pebble Technology, the maker of the Pebble, announced that the device will not ship until 2013.

FCC filings from Pebble include a host of internal and external photos, as well as a partial manual for the device.  According to the manual, the Pebble with feature a 32-bit Cortex-M3 CPU from ST Microelectronics, a 1.26” TLT LCD display from SHARP, and a Panasonic Bluetooth processor.

Check out Pebble’s FCC filings here.

New version of the Beatbox Portable hits the FCC, adds NFC, USB charging, says goodbye to iPhone dock


Yesterday, Beats Electronics won FCC approval for a new version of the Beatbox Portable, the company’s compact, portable, Bluetooth speaker.  The new version of the Beatbox Portable is pictured in FCC filings, above, and sports a design that is mostly similar to the original.  However, it looks like Beats Electronics is doing away with the iPhone dock on the Beatbox Portable – the dock that was previously locked on the top of the Beatbox Portable has disappeared.  The new Beatbox Portable will also feature a USB charging port on its rear, right above the device’s 3.5mm jack input.

Perhaps most interestingly, Beats Electronic’s FCC filing includes approval for use of the 13MHz spectrum.  This band is typically used for NFC, a good sign that the new Beatbox Portable will sport NFC-enabled pairing options.  Beats Electronics recently released a new version of its Dre Pill speaker that sported NFC-enabled pairing, and its makes sense to see this feature in other Beats speakers.  Of course, the device also won FCC approval for its Bluetooth capabilities.

Beats Electronics has not yet announced a release date for the new Beatbox Portable.  This FCC filings comes a bit too late in the year for a holiday release, so this may be something we hear about at CES in January.

Parrot’s $1000 Stark-designed Zikmu Solo Bluetooth speaker hits the FCC


Parrot unveiled its Zikmu Solo Bluetooth wireless speakers at CES this year and today the device made its first appearance on the FCC.  Designed by Phillipe Stark, the Zikmu Solo delivers 100W of output and can stream media via Bluetooth or WiFi.  The device also features a dock for iPhones or iPods, although it’s unclear if the Zikmu Solo will be able to connect to the iPhone 5 without an adapter.  The Zikmu Solo features a web interface that provides users with control over music, including a virtual equalizer.  iOS users can also control the Zikmu Solo via web app, although no iOS app is available for the device at the moment.

The Zikmu Solo will retail for $1000 and will be available in lime, white, grey, black and red colors.  Parrot has announced that the Zikmu Solo will be available by November, and today’s FCC filing suggests that the company is right on schedule.

Check out Parrot’s FCC filing here.

BlueAnt’s RIBBON Bluetooth media streamer wins FCC approval, gets torn down


Bluetooth accessory maker BlueAnt won FCC approval for its RIBBON Bluetooth media streamer today.  The oddly shaped device has a folded, slightly offset design that allows the RIBBON to be easily attached to a pocket or collar.  The RIBBON has music controls on its face, as well as a 3.5mm jack and USB charging port.

Internal photos of the RIBBON show the device’s innards stretched out.  A 100mAh battery is visible in FCC filings along with the RIBBON’s tiny circuit board.

The RIBBON will cost $69 when it’s released.  BlueAnt hasn’t announced a release date for the device, but today’s FCC filing is a good indication that the RIBBON will be released soon.

Check out BlueAnt’s FCC filing here.

Jawbone’s Big Jambox gets an FCC teardown


Jawbone’s Jambox products offer big sound in a compact, portable package.  The company’s Big Jambox is the second addition to the Jambox line, offering more power, longer battery life in a slightly bigger package.

Thanks to the FCC we now get a look inside the Big Jambox.  Beneath the device’s mesh exterior is a Bluetooth processor from CSR and a 2500mAh battery.  Interestingly, some of the Big Jambox’s components refer to the device as the Jamberry, a possible code name or alternative name for the Big Jambox.  Check out the full teardown gallery below.

Adonit’s Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad hits the FCC, gets torn down


Last month Adonit announced the Jot Touch, the world’s first pressure-sensitive stylus for Apple’s iPad.  The device uses Adonit’s unique precision disc tip and a Bluetooth connection to transmit pressure information to Jot Ready iPad apps.

Today the Jot Touch hit the FCC and got torn down in the process, above.  You can see how Adonit fit a CSR Bluetooth processor and a rechargeable battery into the frame of the Jot Touch which is about the size of a Sharpie.

You can purchase the Jot Touch directly from Adonit here.  View the full FCC filing for the Jot Touch here.

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