Parrot’s ASTEROID Mini automotive tablet wins FCC approval


Is there still a market for stand-alone automotive GPS devices?  Parrot thinks so.  In October, the company unveiled its Parrot ASTEROID Mini multimedia system for cars.  In addition to core GPS mapping functionality, the ASTEROID Mini allows users to manage calls and music.  The device connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, and has a USB port for a 3G dongle.

The ASTEROID Mini’s 3.2-inch TFT color screen isn’t touch-enabled.  But the device does come with a wireless remote control that users can mount to their dashboard or center console.

The ASTEROID Mini will retail for $300 and is expected to ship in the US in February 2013.  Today, the device won FCC approval, so it looks like the device will be released right on schedule.

Check out Parrot’s FCC filing here.

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