New Jawbone Up fitness band appears on the FCC


Another version of Jawbone’s Up fitness band has made an appearance on the FCC.  Pictured above, the device appears to have a similar form factor as Jawbone’s current Up fitness band.  Test reports for the device show approval for the Up’s use of Bluetooth, as well as the Up’s manufacturer, Fugang Electric.

You can see Jawbone’s FCC filing here.


Nike’s FuelBand SE arrives on the FCC


Nike’s latest fitness device, the FuelBand SE, arrived on the FCC today.  The $150 device was unveiled earlier this month by Nike.  New features of the FuelBand SE include Bluetooth 4.0, improvements to the user interface, a several new colors.

You can view Nike’s FCC filing for the FuelBand SE here.

Google’s Nexus 5 Wireless Charger arrives on the FCC


Google formally unveiled the Nexus 5 today, along with a host of accessories including a wireless charger.  While the Nexus 5 had previously won FCC approval, Google’s wireless charger had not…at least until this afternoon.

FCC filings for Google’s wireless charger do not reveal anything surprising and he only image of the device in FCC filings is the label location picture, below.  The wireless charger should be available for purchase from the Google Play store today.

Check out Google’s FCC filing here.


Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch arrives on the FCC


Belkin’s latest switch, the WeMo Insight Switch, arrived on the FCC today.  Like other WeMo Switches, the Insight allows users to control the switch via smartphone.  The Insight also allows users to monitor energy usage from a smartphone or tablet.

The WeMo Insight will cost $70.  Belkin hasn’t announced a release date for the device, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that the WeMo Insight should arrive soon.

Check out Belkin’s FCC filing here.

Sphero 2, Orbotix’s second generation robotic ball, arrives on the FCC and gets torn down


Sphero is a robotic ball that you can control with your iOS or Android device.  The device was first introduced back in 2011, and, for $100, allowed users to guide the robotic ball along a variety of surfaces with their mobile device.

Yesterday, the second generation of Sphero, aptly named Sphero 2, arrived on the FCC.  Faster and brighter than the original Sphero, the Sphero 2 costs $130 and can chug along at 7 feet per second.

FCC filings for the Sphero 2 show the device getting torn down.  You can see the device’s induction charger above right, and its motors below.

The Sphero 2 won approval for its Bluetooth capabilities, which enable it to connect to iOS and Android devices.

You can check out the Sphero 2 FCC filing here.


HP’s Slate 10 HD Android tablet arrives on the FCC


HP’s latest foray into the tablet market arrived on the FCC yesterday.  The tablet, known as the Slate 10 HD, was first unveiled in September along with a 7 inch model.

The Slate 10 HD won approval for its WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless data capabilities (GSM and WCDMA).  Support for LTE was not included in FCC documents, but its like that this will be included in future FCC filings.

Check out HP’s filing here.

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