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HP’s Slate 10 HD Android tablet arrives on the FCC


HP’s latest foray into the tablet market arrived on the FCC yesterday.  The tablet, known as the Slate 10 HD, was first unveiled in September along with a 7 inch model.

The Slate 10 HD won approval for its WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless data capabilities (GSM and WCDMA).  Support for LTE was not included in FCC documents, but its like that this will be included in future FCC filings.

Check out HP’s filing here.

Acer’s Iconia W4 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet hits the FCC


Acer unveiled the Iconia W4 earlier this month.  An update to the company’s Iconia W3, the W4 runs Windows 8.1 on an 8-inch screen and is priced at $300.

FCC filings show the device receiving approval for WiFi and Bluetooth.  Acer hasn’t announced a release date for the Iconia W4, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that we’ll see the device soon.

Check out Acer’s FCC filing here.

HP’s 10-inch Android tablet arrives on the FCC


Yesterday, a new 10-inch Android tablet from HP made an appearance on the FCC.  Pictured above in label location photos, the device won approval for the use of GSM and WCDMA frequencies, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi.

HP did not disclose a marketing name for the tablet, but the device’s model number is HSTNH-B15C.

Check out HP’s FCC filings here.image

Barnes and Nobles BNRV500 Nook hits the FCC, boasts 4GB of storage


A new version of Barnes and Noble’s Nook made its way through the FCC today.  The device has the model number BNRV500, and label location pictures, above, show a design that’s similar to the Nook Simple Touch.

Test reports for the BNRV500 indicate that the device will feature 4GB  of storage, as well as the same 1,530mAh battery that’s used by the Nook Simple Touch (BNRV300).

It appears that the BNRV500 will be an upgrade to the existing Nook Simple Touch.  The device has 2GB more storage than the existing Simple Touch, and the design of the BNRV500’s back is slight different than the current version Simple Touch.

Check out Barnes and Noble’s FCC filings here.


Dell’s Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro Tablets Arrive on the FCC


No surprises here, but Dell’s Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro tablets slipped through the FCC during last week’s government shutdown.

Dell’s filings for the Venue 8 Pro show approval for Bluetooth and WiFi, while so far it looks like the Venue 11 Pro has only received approval for NFC.

You can see Dell’s filings here

Venue 8 Pro

Venue 11 Pro

Three New Amazon Tablets Pass Through the FCC


Three new Amazon tablets passed through the FCC on Friday, joining the Kindle Fire HDX which appeared on the FCC on September 24, 2013.  As usual, Amazon’s FCC filings were made through third party – this time Amazon chose Kilpatrick LLC.  Kilpatrick LLC, which is likely just a shell company that Amazon will use for this round of FCC filings, was responsible for the FCC filings of the Kindle Fire HDX, which has the FCC ID S2F-8560 – you can see the filings for the Fire HDX here.

Amazon’s new FCC filings show four tablets with the FCC IDs S2F-5830, S2F-6740 and S2F-7650.  Predictably, Amazon doesn’t give many details about the tablets, other than required band usage and simple label location pictures.  Based on Amazon’s FCC filings it looks like the new tablets are just different versions of the Fire HDX.  For example the S2F-6740 features LTE connectivity while the S2F-8560 is a WiFi only device.

In any case, Friday’s FCC filings are a good indication that the 4G versions of the HDX will be shipping soon.

Links to Amazon’s FCC filings are below:




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