Lenovo’s IdeaPad S200 hits the FCC


Earlier this month Lenovo announced that it will release IdeaPad S200 and S206 netbooks this June, and today the S200 made an appearance on the FCC thanks to a filing by Broadcom.  The S200 features Intel’s Atom N2800 Cedar Trail CPU, 2GB of RAM, HDMI out and HDD and SSD options.  Netbooks appear to have fallen by the wayside thanks to tablets and ultrabooks, but it appears that Lenovo’s netbook business is going strong.  Both the S200 and S206 will cost $350

Lenovo’s Ideapad S205 hits the FCC with AT&T “4G” data


Lenovo unveiled its AMD-powered Ideapoad S205 notebook at CES this year.  The device features a dual-core AMD E-350 CPU, 11.6” (1366 x 768) screen, up to 8GB of RAM, 750GB hard drive, Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI out.  Today, the S205 made an appearance on FCC with a Huawei data card that will enable 4G data on the device.

The S205 won FCC approval for GSM 850, 1900, and WCDMA bands II and V.  The device will support AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network, although its questionable whether AT&T’s HSPA+ network can really be called “4G.”

The S205 is expected to launch in March for $329 $500+ (thanks bradlinder).  Today’s FCC filing suggests the device is right on schedule, and we’d expect to see it on store shelves soon.

Samsung’s 10.1” tablet with hidden keyboard bridges the gap between tablet and netbook

The death of netbooks has been widely predicted since Apple’s iPad was introduced last year.  However, Samsung isn’t prepared to throw in the towel on the netbook market just yet.  Instead, the company is focusing on helping netbooks evolve.

The company’s Samsung 7 series device, which was announced today, bridges the gap between tablets and netbooks.  The device features a 10.1” HD LCD touchscreen display, just like a tablet.  But the Samsung 7’s screen folds up to reveal a full keyboard.  The device also runs on netbook hardware and software, including Windows 7, an Intel Atom Oak Trail Z670 CPU, up to a 64GB SSD Hard Drive, Integrated Intel Graphics, HDMI out and a 1.3Mp camera.

Is this the best of both worlds?  At just 0.78” thin and 2.18 pounds in weight, the Samsung 7 is definitely slim like a tablet, but the device has enough power and the keyboard that you’ll need for more robust Windows applications.  And, with a price tag of just under $700, the Samsung 7 costs about as much as a 64GB iPad.

We’ll keep a look out for this one at CES.

Source:  Engadget

Google’s Chrome OS netbook to get free 3G data courtesy of Verizon

To be honest, we weren’t really sure why we’d want one of Google’s Chrome OS netbooks.  Until now.  Just a few minutes ago, Google announced that anyone who buys a Chrome OS netbook will get 100MB of free 3G data from Verizon each month, for two years.

If you hit the 100MB limit, you can purchase unlimited 3G access from Verizon for an additional $9.99 per day.  And all of this comes without the worry of contracts, cancellation fees or overage fees.

100MB isn’t enough data to, say, stream Netflix movies.  But 100MB will be more than enough for checking email and occasionally surfing the net.  The bigger question, though, is whether 100MB will be enough for Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS, which stores much of its data online.

Gigabyte T1125 convertible tablet PC features 11.6” screen, NVIDIA Optimus support


Taiwanese PC manufacturer Gigabyte isn’t pulling the plug on the convertible tablet market just yet.  Yesterday, the company passed the T1125 convertible tablet, pictured above, through the FCC.

The device features an Intel Pentium ULV processor, Windows 7, and 11.6” screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution, HDMI out and an optional 3G modem.  The T1125 also supports NVIDIA’s battery-preserving Optimus Technology that automatically switches between the tablet’s GeForce 310M and integrated Intel GPUs.

No word on pricing or availability.

LG slips a sleek Windows 7 tablet through the FCC


The HP Slate may have been relegated to the enterprise market, but not to worry consumers, it appears that LG will soon bring its own sleek Windows 7 tablet to the market.  And guess what?  It looks gooooood.

imageThe mystery tablet, known as the H1000B, made an appearance on the FCC today – label pic left.  A Google search for “LG H1000B” turned up a TwitPic of the glossy black tablet, above.  While our Korean isn’t stellar, we do gather from the picture’s caption that this will be a Windows 7 tablet with some sort of iPhone-like touch input (we’re guessing multitouch).

FCC filings for the H1000B refer to the device as a “portable computer,” and confirm the presence of standard features like an SD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth.  FCC label pics also show an online of the H1000B, which is similar to the device pictured on TwitPic.

LG recently scrapped plans for an Android tablet, but today’s FCC filing suggests that the company still remains bullish on the Windows 7 tablet market.  And who can blame them?  If the H1000B looks anything like the device above, we’d bet that LG has a winner on hand.


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