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Sony Ericsson’s Windows Mobile 6.5.3-powered Aspen smartphone appears on the FCC


It may be Froyo day, but Sony Ericsson doesn’t want you to forget about Windows Mobile.  The company passed their Aspen smartphone through the FCC today, suggesting that the device may be on its way to the US.

As you can see above, the Aspen is a BlackBerry-style candybar with a full QWERTY keypad and 2.4” QVGA TFT touch screen.  The device offers an average suite of smartphone features, including a 3.2 MP camera, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and microSD storage.

The Aspen’s Windows Mobile 6.5.3-powered interface gives users quick access to apps via ‘panels’.  Panels are similar to widgets, and the phone comes preloaded with Skype, Facebook and YouTube panels, with additional panels available via download.

Test reports for the Aspen show support for quad-band GSM and WCDMA bands I and VIII.  The device is scheduled for release in Q2 of this year, although no availability in the US has been announced yet.

ZTE R1010 – Slick Windows Mobile messaging from Shenzhen

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This Windows Mobile device, called the ZTE R1010, passed through the FCC today.  With a 2.5” screen, 3.2 MP camera and full QWERTY keypad, this sleek device doesn’t look bad at all.  And unlike other WM devices with this form factor, the R1010 has a touch screen and a stylus.

Sure, there’s not a lot to like about Windows Mobile at this point, and external pics of the R1010 suggest the device might be offered only by China Unicom for the time being.  However, with support for 850/1900 GSM and WCDMA bands II and IV, this device may make it to the States via importers, or perhaps will be rebranded by a US carrier.

M3 Mobile’s Portable Data Collection Terminal features WinMo, questionable marketing material

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M3 Mobile passed their MM3 portable data collection terminal through the FCC today.  This quad-band device runs on Windows Mobile and features a barcode scanner, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and a camera.

The MM3 seems like a valuable device for the industrial crowd.  However, I take exception to some of the photoshopped pics in MM3’s user manual.

Granted, I like the first pic, below, of what seems to be Anne Hathaway holding an MM3 – let’s forget the fact that there are probably few girls who would actually use the MM3 while wearing a ripped halter with midriff showing.

But, the second pic is totally unnecessary.  I don’t see how a pic of a shirtless, tattooed guy holding the MM3 made its way into the user manual to begin with, let alone how this picture helps me to understand how to use the device.

image image

LG’s GW550 BlackBerry clone hits the FCC


You can already get the LG GW550 online, but now it appears that this device may make its way to a US carrier.  The GW550 passed through the FCC today, although of course LG only offered up label location pics of the device.

The GW550 is a quad band device that runs Windows Mobile.  It looks very similar to the BlackBerry Curve and Bold, as well as some of HTC and Nokia’s QWERTY smartphones.

With the GW550, LG is entering into an already crowded smartphone market.  And although the device does have a slick form factor, there isn’t much new to see here.

Samsung OmniaPRO GT-B7330 shows its label to the FCC


Planned for an October 2009 release date, the B7330 looks like it passed through the FCC right on schedule.  This Windows Mobile phone will have a QWERTY keypad, and a BlackBerry-esque look.

I’m guessing the B7330 will make it to AT&T pretty soon.  It seems like RIM and AT&T aren’t playing too nice, and this will be a nice BlackBerry clone for AT&T to shove in RIM’s face.

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