Verizon AD3701 Global USB Modem passes through the FCC


The AD3701 USB modem from Verizon passed through the FCC today, thanks to a filing by OEM ZTE Corporation.  The device offers quad band GSM/HSUPA support in addition to CDMA/EVDO 800/1900 support, so you can use it on most cellular networks worldwide.

This isn’t Verizon’s first global USB modem – Verizon currently offers UMW190 and AD3700 global USB modems.  Judging from its model number, the AD3701 appears to be an incremental update to the AD3700.


LG’s LTE 4G USB modem coming to Verizon?


We spotted the LG M17 USB LTE modem, pictured above, back in January when the device passed through the FCC.  Recently, external photos of the device were made public, revealing a rather large form factor – we estimate the device is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide.

The M17 has an internal, 2400 mAh rechargeable battery, so technically the device is portable.  It also comes with a portable travel charger.

According to test reports, the M17 operates on the 700MHz LTE frequency, which will be used by Verizon.  You can also see a SIM card slot on the M17 – a new feature on Verizon devices.

No word on pricing or availability, but Verizon is rolling out its LTE network later this year so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the M17 within the next few months.

Motorola Droid 2 will rock Froyo, hitting Verizon as early as August 12th, limited edition R2-D2 model available


Less than a week after the Droid X launched, Droid 2 leaks have begun to flood the Internets.  Phandroid got their hands on a screen shot of Verizon’s device database, above, that confirms that the Droid 2 will indeed run Android 2.2, aka Froyo.  That would make the Droid 2 the first carrier-launched Android phone with Froyo.

Engadget is also reporting that contrary to reports of an August 23rd release, the Droid 2 may be “soft launched” as early as August 12th, with full marketing efforts for the device to start the following week.

But that’s not all.  According to the same Engadget article, a special edition of the Droid 2 with R2-D2 on its back cover may be in the works, as well.  That may be the most geeky cross-promotion ever.  But boy do we want one.

Verizon confirms 0.1% of Motorola Droid X users suffering from screen flickering issues

Today Verizon acknowledged that a “small number” of Droid X units are suffering from screen flickering or banding issues.  According to the carrier, Motorola has already solved this problem and will continue to ship phones.  If you do have a defective unit, you can take it back to Verizon or contact Motorola’s customer support.

The company estimates that this issue affects about 0.1% of Droid X users – so it’s not a widespread problem by any means.  Still, it’s nice to see Verizon get out and nip this issue in the bud…although we do have to admit, a terse email from the company’s CEO would have been much more entertaining.

Source:  Engadget

Verizon 4G has arrived…on the FCC at least.


Late yesterday, LG passed its VL600 USB wireless modem through the FCC.  With support for 700MHz LTE, as well as CDMA and EvDO, the VL600 will be one of the first LTE products available for Verizon, when the company launches its LTE network later this year.  Verizon is already conducting LTE user trials in some markets, while the company plans to roll out LTE in 25-30 markets by the end of 2010.

Verizon’s first 4G products will likely be data-only devices.  We can’t wait for the company’s first 4G phones to arrive – according to BGR, these device should be on the market near the end of November, and in time for Black Friday.

Motorola Droid X available online now from Verizon for $200 with 2yr contract, $570 month to month


Yup, the Droid X is officially here.  You can order the phone right now on Verizon’s website for $200 with a two year contract, $270 with a one year contract, or $570 month to month.

Better yet, head over to WireFly, where you can grab the device for $180, with a two year contract.

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