Garmin’s Rugged Android-powered Monterra handheld GPS unit hits the FCC


Garmin unveiled its Monterra GPS unit last month, and today the device appeared on the FCC.  The Monterra runs Android, and features a rugged housing with an IPX7 waterproof rating.  The device features 6GB of internal storage, NFC, ANT+, WiFI, Bluetooth, a built-in FM radio, and 8MP camera.  The Monterra does not function as a phone, but the device can run apps from the Google Play store, along with Garmin’s custom GPS apps.

The Monterra is expected to be released in Q3 2013 and will retail for $650.

Check out Garmin’s FCC filing here.

Parrot’s ASTEROID Mini automotive tablet wins FCC approval


Is there still a market for stand-alone automotive GPS devices?  Parrot thinks so.  In October, the company unveiled its Parrot ASTEROID Mini multimedia system for cars.  In addition to core GPS mapping functionality, the ASTEROID Mini allows users to manage calls and music.  The device connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, and has a USB port for a 3G dongle.

The ASTEROID Mini’s 3.2-inch TFT color screen isn’t touch-enabled.  But the device does come with a wireless remote control that users can mount to their dashboard or center console.

The ASTEROID Mini will retail for $300 and is expected to ship in the US in February 2013.  Today, the device won FCC approval, so it looks like the device will be released right on schedule.

Check out Parrot’s FCC filing here.

Garmin’s nuvi 3590LMT hits the FCC, gets torn down


Garmin announced its nuvi 3590LMT personal navigation device this week at CES, and shortly after the device made an appearance on the FCC.  The nuvi 3590LMT won approval for its Bluetooth capabilities, which allow the device to connect to an Android phone via Garmin’s Smartphone Link app.  When connected to a phone, the nuvi 3590LMT can download traffic information, weather data and gas prices, which can then be displayed on the nuvi’s screen.

The nuvi 3590LMT features a 5-inch 800×480 display, 4 hour battery, microSD card slot in a small 5.4” x 3.4” x 0.5” package.  Teardown photos, below, show a TI processor and Samsung SDRAM, along with a GPS module from Cirocomm.

The device is expected to be released in Q1 2012 for $400.


Garmin’s nuLink! 2390 GPS unit hits the FCC with a host of live services


Today a new GPS unit from Garmin called the nuLink! 2390 made its way through the FCC.  The device won FCC approval for its Bluetooth capabilities, as well as GSM bands 850 and 1900.  Those GSM bands are a key differentiator for the 2390, as they enable Live Services, such as Google Local Search, 3D traffic data, weather updates and other live services available through the nuLink store.  Users can even access live traffic cam feeds with the 2390, so you can see road congestion before you start your journey.

The 2390 is already available for preorder in the UK for £229.99, and the device is scheduled for a May 27th release.  No word as to when the 2390 will go on sale in the United States, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that this will occur soon.

Garmin’s nuvi 2575 GPS unit features TV tuner, video recording, wins FCC approval


Garmin’s nuvi 2575 GPS unit, pictured above, made an appearance on the FCC today.  In addition to standard GPS features, the nuvi 2575 features a analog TV antenna, which allows users to watch TV while on the road…although preferably not while driving.  The nuvi 2575 also supports TMC FM traffic data, providing users with traffic updates in real time.

Garmin’s optional Driving Recorder is available with the nuvi 2575, as well.  This small camera, pictured below, attaches to the nuvi 2575 and records live video while you drive.  Video can be recorded in high (1280×720) and medium (640×480) quality settings, and can be played back on the nuvi 2575 or exported.

No word on pricing or a release date, but the nuvi 2575 made an appearance on the FCC today, a good sign that the device will be released soon.


TomTom’s 4CT50, 4KN50 GPS navigation systems hit the FCC with wireless data updates


GPS navigation system manufacturer TomTom passed two interesting GPS systems through the FCC today.  Known as the 4KN50 Pro Model, and the 4CT50 GO Model, these devices appear to sport a pretty standard form factor and design.  However, FCC test reports reveal that these devices will offer GSM 850/1900 support, which will allow the 4KN50 and 4CT50 to send and receive data wirelessly wherever a cellular connection is available.

This is a valuable feature that will allow the units to provide real time traffic updates, map updates and location data.  Anyone with an iPhone has these features now, but few dedicated consumer GPS devices have this level of connectivity.  Both the K4N50 and 4CT50 also offer Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

No word on pricing or a release date for either system.  We’d also expect that TomTom will require some sort of subscription to GSM updates.  We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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