If you Google “wifi” and “bunny,” the first result you get is Nabaztag – an electronic bunny-looking device that, yes, connects to other Nabaztags wirelessly over the Internet.

I believe the Nabaztag will live in infamy as a device that flaunted our desire for connectivity.  It’s a device that undoubtedly begs a bemused “why?”

Well, we’re not trying to answer the big “why” here…but we do know this:  Nabaztag has a magical ability to send bits of data through the air…bits of data which will cause other Nabaztags to move their ears, light up and even show emotion.  That’s the kind of wireless goodness that we hope to share with you here.

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Name Title Contact Background
TK T. Managing Editor t2(at)wirelessgoodness(dot)com Mobile communications, FCC, IP
Randall Howitzer Editor dt(at)wirelessgoodness(dot)com Networking, gaming
J. Damus Editor japa(at)wirelessgoodness(dot)com Enterprise software and hardware, Web 2.0 computing



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