New version of the Beatbox Portable hits the FCC, adds NFC, USB charging, says goodbye to iPhone dock


Yesterday, Beats Electronics won FCC approval for a new version of the Beatbox Portable, the company’s compact, portable, Bluetooth speaker.  The new version of the Beatbox Portable is pictured in FCC filings, above, and sports a design that is mostly similar to the original.  However, it looks like Beats Electronics is doing away with the iPhone dock on the Beatbox Portable – the dock that was previously locked on the top of the Beatbox Portable has disappeared.  The new Beatbox Portable will also feature a USB charging port on its rear, right above the device’s 3.5mm jack input.

Perhaps most interestingly, Beats Electronic’s FCC filing includes approval for use of the 13MHz spectrum.  This band is typically used for NFC, a good sign that the new Beatbox Portable will sport NFC-enabled pairing options.  Beats Electronics recently released a new version of its Dre Pill speaker that sported NFC-enabled pairing, and its makes sense to see this feature in other Beats speakers.  Of course, the device also won FCC approval for its Bluetooth capabilities.

Beats Electronics has not yet announced a release date for the new Beatbox Portable.  This FCC filings comes a bit too late in the year for a holiday release, so this may be something we hear about at CES in January.



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