Comcast Xfinity’s compact XI3-H IP set-top-box clears the FCC


Earlier this year, Xfinity announced plans to release an IP set-top-box called the XI3.  Today, a version of the device called the XI3-H cleared the FCC, getting pictured and torn down in the process.  The XI3-H is manufactured by Humax, contrary to earlier reports that the device would be manufactured by Pace.

Photos of the XI3-H show Cable In (MoCA), TV out, SPDIF out, HDMI in/out, Ethernet and USB ports.  The front of the device also has an SD card slot, although it’s unclear what SD storage on the XI3-H will be used for.  There is a “Record” indicator on the front of the XI3-H, so it’s possible that the device will allow TV to be recorded on external SD storage.  The XI3-H also lacks internal storage, which makes either external or network storage a necessity for recording.

Xfinity hasn’t released many details about the XI3-H, although today’s FCC filing suggests that we will learning more about the device soon.  You can check out the FCC filings for the device here.



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