Disney’s Magic Band arrives on the FCC, offers wireless access to the happiest place on earth


A peculiar device from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts made an appearance on the FCC today.  Known as the “Magic Band,” the device is a wrist-worn, battery-powered device that operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum.

So what’s it for?  We’re not exactly sure.  FCC filings confirm that the Magic Band, model MB-R1G1, is a “wrist worn arm band that transmits a 2.4GHz signal to an indoor wireless infrastructure.”  The device’s PCB board is “potted in plastic and completely overmolded with thermal plastic polyurethane.”  It also appears that the Magic Band is disposable, since it has no on/off switch and relies on a non-replaceable battery.  The Magic Band also has a passive UHF RFID tag radio and a passive HF RFID tag radio.

It seems likely that the Magic Band will be used to provide wears with access to certain parts of Walt Disney parks and resorts.  Since the band is sealed and presumably water proof, the Magic Band could be a good solution for Disney’s water parks.

You can check out Disney’s full FCC filing here.



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