Nest Labs to release Zigbee and WiFi-powered “Home Monitoring Device”


A new thermostat from Nest Labs appears to be on its way according to FCC filings published yesterday.  Nest’s latest product, which is referred to as the 02A in FCC filings, appears to have a circular design and a 20 pin connector like Nest’s first thermostat, the 01A.

Unlike Nest’s first thermostat, FCC filings for the 02A show that the device will offer ZigBee support along with WiFi.  ZigBee is an exciting addition to Nest that could allow users to deploy many ZigBee-powered sensors throughout a home.  ZigBee can also be used for home automation devices, possibly allowing the Nest 02A to control more than just temperature.

So far, Nest hasn’t announced any plans for the successor to the 01A, but yesterday’s FCC filing suggests that we will be learning more soon.

Check out Nest’s FCC filing here.



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