Sony’s touchless Xperia sola hits the FCC, gets torn down


When you think about it, touchscreens are an awful idea that guarantees your large, glossy smartphone display will soon be covered in greasy, cloudy fingerprints.  That’s why we were intrigued with Sony’s Xperia sola Android smartphone.  The device features Sony’s Floating Touch technology which allows users to open web links without touching the screen.  Floating Touch isn’t fully integrated into the device’s interface yet, so you will still need to do some screen smudging, but it is a nice step towards cleaner screens.

Today, the sola hit the FCC and got torn down in the process.  The somewhat blurry FCC internal photos show the device’s mainboard and display being taken apart, although we don’t see enough to get a better understanding of how Floating Touch operates.

Check out the full gallery of FCC photos, below.



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