HP’s TouchPad Go gets pictured, torn down in FCC filing


HP’s TouchPad Go was a 7-inch version of the company’s TouchPad tablet.  The Go was expected to be released in late 2011 and even won FCC approval in October 2011.  However, by that time HP had already announced plans to discontinue the production of webOS tablets and the TouchPad Go was never released to the public.

But HP’s FCC filing for the TouchPad Go was never pulled and today a host of internal and external photos of the device, as well as its user manual was released.  Photos of the TouchPad Go’s mainboard show a what appears to be a Qualcomm APQ8060 1.2GHz dual core processor, Samsung SDRAM, SanDisk Flash memory and a host of other chips that are too blurry to recognize.  Also visible is a WLAN card from AzureWave that features a Broadcom transceiver.  External images of the TouchPad Go show the device’s rear-facing 5MP camera and 1.3MP front facing camera.  You can also see the TouchPad Go’s home button that also functions as a notification indicator.

HP’s FCC internal and external photos of the TouchPad Go are likely some of the last images of the device that we’ll see.  At this point it does not appear that HP will ever release the device for sale, even in limited firesale quantities.



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