New Roku HD player hits the FCC with composite out, new remote, does away with microSD storage


A new Roku HD player has arrived on the FCC, bringing a few additions to Roku’s lineup of media streamers.  As you can see above, the new Roku HD player looks nearly identical to the Roku 2 HD player from the front.  However, turn the Roku around, below, and you can see that the new Roku HD player features composite outputs – something we haven’t seen since the Roku 1 HD.  Roku dropped full sized composite outputs with the Roku 2 in favor of a more compact 3.5mm composite adapter.image

FCC reports also show that the new Roku HD player will get an upgraded remote control.  The device will now come with the Roku remote that has quick launch buttons.  This remote is currently offered with the Roku 2 LT.

Also notable is the lack of a microSD card slot on the new Roku HD.  On the Roku 2 HD, this slot was located near the top left of the device’s rear.  It appears that the new Roku HD has done away with this slot entirely.

Roku has not yet announced the new Roku HD player.  However, the Roku 2 HD is currently listed as “Out of Stock” on Roku’s website – an indication that Roku will soon replace the Roku 2 HD with the new Roku HD player pictured here.

FCC documents also include internal photos of the new Roku HD as well as schematics.  Here we can see that the new Roku HD player will have 2GB of NAND flash memory and a Broadcom BCM7208 processor.  Check out the full gallery below:



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