Sony Ericsson’s LiveView Touch Android smartwatch hits the FCC, gets torn down


Sony Ericsson’s original LiveView Android "smartwatch” was a great idea hampered by poor software, inconsistent connectivity and a short battery life.  Hopefully, Sony Ericsson will solve many of the LiveView’s shortcomings with the second version of the device, called the LiveView Touch.

Last week the LiveView Touch hit the FCC, giving us access to internal photos of the device as well as its user manual.  The design of the LiveView Touch is similar to the original LiveView.  Both devices can be worn as watches or can be clipped to clothing.  Internal photos of the LiveView Touch show the device’s tiny 115mAh battery.  It also appears that the LiveView Touch will require a proprietary charging cable.  It appears that this cable simply attaches to the exterior of the LiveView Touch and does not actually have to be plugged into the device, like a microUSB cable.

The LiveView Touch is scheduled to be launched on February 29th in the UK for £99.99.  You can preorder the device from here.  No word on a US launch date.

Check out the full gallery of LiveView Touch photos, below.



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