Lytro’s Light Field Camera gets torndown, reveals WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities


Autofocusing technology has advanced significantly over the past decade, but if you’re still unable to get your subjects nice and crisp, perhaps you’ll need to pick up the $400 Lytro, above.  This long, boxy camera actually hides some pretty impressive technology that virtually assures that you’ll never take an out-of-focus picture again.  And, thanks to the FCC, we now get to see the inside of Lytro’s Light Field Camera.

Internal photos of the Lytro show the device’s tiny 1.5-inch LCD screen along with the device’s 11 Megaray image sensor.  That sounds made up, but Lytro insists that 11 Megarays are way more Megarays than your current camera.

More interestingly, we see a Marvell Avastar 88W8787 SoC inside the Lytro.  This Marvell chip offers WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, suggesting that the Lytro will eventually feature some sort of wireless exporting capabilities.

Also visible is a Zoran ZR364246BGXX processor.  We’re not exactly sure what that processor is used for.  It looks like the Lytro relies on Samsung flash memory for storage, and there’s a Hynix SDRAM chip inside the camera as well.

You can preorder the Lytro for $400 here.  A red version of the camera is also available for $500, in case taking pictures out of a long box doesn’t attract enough attention.

Check out the full gallery below.



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