RIM’s Porsche-designed P’9981 gets an FCC tear down, looks stunning as ever


RIM unveiled the Porsche-designed BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 back in October, revealing a stainless steel, leather and glass device that departs nicely from the traditional black plastic BlackBerry design.  Unfortunately, the P’9981 is a luxury device with a $2,000 plus price tag that will only be available on a limited basis.

Thanks to the FCC, however, we get a closer look at the P’9981, including a few shots of the device’s innards.  FCC internal photos of the P’9981 show the front and back of the device’s main board, although we don’t get a good look at the device’s chips since they’re covered with shielding.  FCC external photos show what appears to be a prototype of the P’9981, with the “Porsche Design” logo replaced with the word “Proceeding.”

Take a look at the full gallery of FCC photos below.



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