HotWheels’ Dark Knight Rises toys make an appearance on the FCC


The FCC isn’t all about phones and routers.  Thanks to a filing by HotWheels today, we get a look at some of the wonderful toys that will be released in tandem with the final chapter of the Dark Knight series, The Dark Knight Rises.

FCC filings show Bat-toys which look similar to the Bat-vehicles that were spotted in New York City during filming of The Dark Knight Rises.  Interestingly, the flying Bat vehicle, which was previously identified as the “Batwing,” appears to be simply named “The Bat.”  The other toys include the Tumber, a tank-like vehicle, and the Bat-Pod motorcycle.

According to HotWheels’ filing, these toys will be remote controlled vehicles with wheels (unfortunately, The Bat doesn’t fly).  Also, all three appear to be quite small like other HotWheels toys…too bad, it would have been fun to drive a larger Tumbler around the office.image



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