Archos’ bizarre Smart Home Phone is part DECT phone, part tablet


Archos passed the device above, called the Smart Home Phone, through the FCC today.  And after reviewing Archos’ FCC filings, we’re still not really  sure what this thing does.  Archos’ FCC Test Report describe the device as “a handset of Internet Tablet with DECT,” suggesting that the Smart Home Phone is some sort of bizarre marriage between a DECT cordless phone and a tablet.

FCC label photos give us a good look at the back of the Smart Home Phone, above, while Test Setup Photos show a blurry image of the device’s front, below.  Based on the description of the Smart Home Phone, we’re guessing this is a consumer home phone system with a tablet for viewing contacts and caller data.  FCC reports don’t discuss much about the tablet aspect of the Smart Home Phone system, but we’d guess that these will be appearing shortly.




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