Samsung’s SCH-R920 LTE smartphone hits the FCC, headed to MetroPCS


Samsung passed its SCH-R920 smartphone through the FCC today.  The device features support for CDMA 800 and 1900 bands, as well as the LTE 1700 band.  Those bands correspond to MetroPCS’ service in the United States – a good indication that the SCH-R920 is headed to the Texas-based carrier

The model number of the SCH-R920 suggests that it is an upgrade to MetroPCS’ first LTE device, the SCH-R910, aka the Samsung Forte.  However, FCC filings don’t reveal much else about the device other than Bluetooth and WiFi support.  Samsung did include an abbreviated user manual in its FCC filings, but this version of the manual doesn’t include any pictures of the device.  It does mention the presence of softkeys and “4-way navigation,” however.



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