HTC’s EVO 3D gets an FCC tear down, shows us all three dimensions


The HTC EVO 3D was the company’s first 3D phone.  The device, which was launched on Sprint in the US, featured a glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display, and could record 3D pictures and video.

Today, FCC internal photos of the EVO 3D were released, giving us an excellent look at the device’s innards.  Among other things, FCC internal photos give us a clear shot of the EVO 3D’s Qualcomm MSM6280 processor, Hynix SDRAM and Broadcom Bluetooth chip.  We also see the device’s dual-lens 3D camera up close and personal, below.

It’s unclear how many EVO 3Ds HTC actually sold – I haven’t yet seen one in the wild.  But it’s quite interesting to see the device torn down for the sake of government compliance.  Check out the full gallery, below.




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