Verizon Galaxy Nexus sold today at Verizon, Best Buy locations


Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus was expected to launch last Friday, according to a few tipsters who got their hands on a screenshot of an internal Verizon database.  However, Friday came and passed with no Verizon Galaxy Nexus in sight.  To make matters worse, a screenshot of a Verizon memo indicated that the device’s launch date had been delayed.  The same memo also suggested that some stores may already have the Galaxy Nexus in stock – stores were just prevented from releasing their Galaxy Nexus inventory for sale.

It appears that at least one Best Buy location didn’t get word of the Galaxy Nexus’ delayed release, however.  According to the receipt above, a Best Buy location in Kansas apparently sold a Verizon Galaxy Nexus unit to a customer…on contract, no less.  Images from the buyer show the device, clad in Verizon branding, unboxed and ready to use.  Droid-Life is also reporting that some Verizon stores sold the Galaxy Nexus to a few customers as well.

The good news here is that it does appear that the Galaxy Nexus will be launched on December 15th, as many sources have reported.  While it may be infuriating to think that Verizon Galaxy Nexus units are sitting unboxed in the back of Verizon Retail and Best Buy stores, the good news is that the device will likely be released in just three short days.

Source:  Android Central




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