Sony’s dual-screen Tablet P Honeycomb tablet gets an FCC tear down


Sony’s Tablet P Android tablet has yet to made its debut in the United States, but thanks to the FCC we’re now able to take a quick look inside the device.  Recently published FCC internal photos of the Tablet P show the dual-screen device getting taken apart, with special attention paid to the Tablet P’s wireless components.

You can see that much of the Tablet P’s lower half is consumed by the device’s battery.  We don’t get a good look at the Tablet P’s main board, but you can see how Sony crammed the device’s WWAN and WiFi components into the Tablet P’s small upper half.  FCC photos also show the Tablet P’s Ericsson WWAN card with its shielding removed, exposing Micron and ST Ericsson processors.

Take a look at the full gallery below.  You can also see our hands-on with the device here.



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