Two mysterious ultra-thin Dell notebooks hit the FCC, sport SSD storage, ports galore


Yesterday a couple mysterous laptops from Dell made an appearance on the FCC.  The devices are dubbed the Dalmore 15 and Dalmore 14, and sport the model numbers P19F and P25G.  FCC test reports reveal much, but label photos of the devices are quite interesting.

First, both notebooks appear to be very thin.  The back end of the devices are about as tall as an Ethernet port, putting them in the 15 to 20mm range – that’s Macbook Air territory.  It’s also notable that both devices feature a ton of ports.  In addition to the Ethernet port, the devices feature an HDMI port, what appears to be multiple mini-display ports, as well as a few USB ports.  Pictures of the Dalmore 15’s frame also shows a label that reads “SATA Flash”, suggesting that the device will sport SSD storage.

The Dalmore models also feature a unique design.  The back of the devices are flat, but have slight angles near the device’s sides.  None of Dell’s current notebook models feature this design, suggesting that this will be a new line of notebooks for the company.  It’s possible that the Dalmores, which likely get their name from a single-malt scotch whisky, are Dell’s first entrants into the ultrabook category.

Update:  Sean Hollister from The Verge points out that these are the Dell E6520 and E6420.  These two notebooks like made a re-appearance on the FCC due to added Smart Card reading support.



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