Amazon’s Kindle Fire hit the FCC…back in September


Those of you waiting for Amazon’s Kindle Fire to arrive on the FCC (or maybe it’s just us) will be disappointed to learn that the device actually already hit the FCC…way back in September.  The device, which actually shipped to some users yesterday, has the FCC ID ZEV-1229.  A search for this ID shows a filing from a company called Okakopa LLC for a “”Tablet Device” with the model D01400.

So who exactly is Okakopa?  The company’s address corresponds to the address of a Denver Law Firm.  In other words, it’s a shell company used by Amazon to mask the identity of the Kindle Fire on the FCC.  Sneaky.

FCC filings don’t reveal anything new about the Fire…not surprising since the device has been thoroughly reviewed and tested over the past two days.




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