Motorola’s Droid RAZR Lapdock 500 Pro arrives at the FCC, gets torn down


Motorola’s Droid RAZR will launch tomorrow, and today the company’s Lapdock 500 Pro dock hit the FCC just in time for the RAZR’s release.  The Lapdock 500 Pro connects to the Droid RAZR via a rather awkward HDMI docking cable that extends from the dock’s rear, pictured above.  The phone then rests on the back of the Lapdock 500 Pro when in use.

The Lapdock 500 Pro features a 14-inch screen, and runs Motorola’s Webtop apps, including Firefox, Facebook and a few games.  The lapdock also features a webcam, two USB ports for connecting peripherals or external storage, an Ethernet port, and SD card reader.  The lapdock charges the Droid RAZR while the phone is docked, adding additional battery life to the device.

Internal photos of the lapdock show a small printed circuit board and large battery.  Unfortunately, Motorola’s low resolution pictures don’t give us a good look at specific chips on the lapdock’s circuit board.

Check out the full gallery of Lapdock 500 Pro FCC photos below.



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