Acer’s A200 Android Tablet hits the FCC rocking a 10-inch screen


Images of Acer’s A200 Android tablet surfaced late last week, and today the device made its way though the FCC.  So far, little is known about the device other than it’s WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.  Some sources suggest that the A200 will be a low cost alternative to Acer’s A500 tablet, and will possibly run Ice Cream Sandwich.

FCC test reports do give us a better idea of the A200’s measurements, however.  As you can see in the image above, the A200 will measure 29.6cm diagonally – about 11.7-inches.  This indicates that the A200 will sport a screen in the 10-inch range…or one heck of a large bezel.  Label photos of the A200 also give us an idea of the A200’s thickness.  Based on the measurements given, we’d estimate that the A200 will be about 7mm thin.

Acer has remained silent about the A200, but today’s FCC filing is a good sign that we will be hearing more soon.




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