Belkin’s iPhone camera remote and stand takes the pain out of group photos


Taking group photos with the iPhone is a pain.  The phone doesn’t have a timer, so you need to grab a stranger to take the picture for you.  And while some camera apps do have a timer, it’s not easy to prop the iPhone up at an acceptable picture-taking angle.

That’s where Belkin’s LiveAction Camera Remote comes into play.  The pocketable device, above, allows you to remotely take photos or video with your iPhone.  The remote also houses a small stand that can hold the phone while you take pictures.  Simple, right?

Belkin’s iPhone Remote works with Belkin’s LiveAction camera app and connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth.  You can download the LiveAction app for free from the iTunes app store.

No word on pricing or availability, but the LiveAction remote passed through the FCC today, which means a launch should be coming soon.



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