HP’s ill-fated Pre 3 gets a posthumous teardown


We were kinda looking forward to HP’s latest version of Palm’s flagship Pre smartphone, the Pre 3.  Sadly, HP killed the device before it was launched.  With the exception of a few units released in Europe, the device never made it to store shelves.

But thanks to the FCC, we now get a look inside HP’s ill-fated smartphone.  It’s quite impressive to see how Palm’s engineers squeezed a keypad and 3.6-inch screen into the device.  We also get a look at a few of the Pre 3’s chips, including Sandisk NAND flash memory, Elpida memory and some Qualcomm silicone.

External photos of the Pre 3 also confirm that the device was headed for Verizon.  As you can see in the image below, the Verizon logo was placed on the back of the Pre 3’s screen.

Check out the full Pre 3 gallery below:




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