ASUS’ Transformer Prime gets torn down, Kal-El pictured


In late October, ASUS’ Transformer Prime tablet hit the FCC with the model number TF201.  The device won approval for WiFi and Bluetooth functionality, although no mention of 3G was made in FCC filings.  Interestingly, ASUS’ FCC filing also included internal photos of the device, giving us a good look at the innards of the company’s new flagship tablet.

Internal photos of the Prime show NVIDIA’s latest processor, the quad-core Kal-El.  Named after Superman, Kal-El should give the Prime more than ten hours of battery life, while enabling impressive fluid graphics.

NAND memory from Hynix is also visible in FCC filings, along with SDRAM from Elpida.  It appears that the Prime’s wireless capabilities will be powered by an Azurewave chip, while the device’s GPS functionality is provided by Broadcom.

Take a look at the full gallery, below.



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