Samsung Galaxy Nexus multimedia dock and vehicle mount appear online


Samsung has already announced that the Galaxy Nexus will be released sometime in November, and according to Cartronics Accessories Inc., Samsung also plans to release a multimedia dock and a vehicle mount for the device as well.  Cartronics currently has product pages published for the multimedia dock, model number EDD-H1F8BEG, and the vehicle mount, model number ECS-K1F8BEG.  The multimedia dock is expected to be released on November 21st, above, while the vehicle mount appears to be currently available.  Unfortunately, no specs or pictures are available for the desktop dock or vehicle mount, but both accessories are listed as genuine Samsung products and appear to have model numbers consistent with Samsung’s naming scheme.

Images of the Galaxy Nexus show three dots which may enable simple docking.  That’s a big improvement over most Android devices, which require docking via micro USB.

Samsung has yet to officially announce any accessories for the Galaxy Nexus – it appears that Cartronics might have jumped the gun with their product listings.  Still, these Galaxy Nexus accessories give us a bit more to look forward to in November.



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