Motorola Droid RAZR for AT&T hits the FCC


Motorola unveiled the Droid RAZR for Verizon last week, but it doesn’t appear that Verizon will have an exclusive on the device for very long.  Today, a GSM version of the Droid RAZR made its way through the FCC with support for GSM 800/1900 bands as well as WCDMA bands II and V.  Those frequencies are used by AT&T in the US, and are a good sign that this version of the Droid RAZR will be released on AT&T.

So how do we know this is the Droid RAZR?  FCC documents refer to the device by the FCC ID IHDP56ME2 and the “generic name” M0C2E.  Those numbers don’t tell us much, but FCC documents also reveal that the device uses a battery with the model number SNN5899A – the same battery used by the Droid RAZR.

We don’t have any word on when the AT&T Droid RAZR will be released, but the device is already available for preorder.




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