Preorder the Galaxy Nexus, aka Nexus Prime for $690 from Negri Electronics


Can’t wait to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus, aka Nexus Prime?  Negri Electronics has the phone available for preorder here for $690.  We don’t know much about Negri, but the company has a solid Google Shopping rating and has a good selection of unlocked imported phones.  Negri’s preorder price is $60 less than Mobile City Online, who’s offering preorders of the Galaxy Nexus for $750.

Neither etailer has a ship date for the Galaxy Nexus, but according to Samsung we should be expecting the phone in November.  The good news is that Negri and Mobile City are selling the phone unlocked, so you’ll be able to use the device with any compatible carrier and won’t have to deal with loads of bloatware.



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