LG’s P930 Android phone coming to AT&T with LTE, 1280×720 screen


Back in May, a mysterious phone from LG called the P930 showed up in LG’s User Agent Profile (UAP) database.  Among other things, the P930’s UAP revealed that the device runs Android and features a 1280×720 screen.

Today, the P930 passed through the FCC revealing a bit more about the device.  According to FCC test reports, the P930 will support GSM bands 850 and 1900, WCDMA bands II and V, and LTE bands 4 and 17.  Those specs suggest that the P930 will be making its way to AT&T and will run on the company’s expanding LTE network with uses LTE band 17.  AT&T has also announced plans to use T-Mobile’s 1700MHz spectrum for LTE if the company’s acquisition goes through, which explains the P930’s support for the 1700MHz LTE band 4.

FCC filings also dispel rumors that the P930 is a tablet.  Test reports refer to the P930 as a phone, and show the device tested for use near the user’s head – a clear sign that this is in fact a phone.  FCC filings also show that the P930 will have an HDMI out port and a microSD card slot.

Neither AT&T nor LG has made any mention of the P930 yet.  However, today’s FCC filings indicate that the P930 is most likely coming to AT&T and is designed to use the uber-network formed if AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile goes through.



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