Samsung Nexus Prime’s LTE capabilities hidden in FCC filings?


Last week Friday we saw the Samsung Nexus Prime make its way through the FCC.  The device won approval for GSM 850 and 1900 bands, WCDMA bands II and IV, and the 1700 AWS band.  However, as we noted in our original post, FCC filings sadly made no mention of LTE.

Well it now appears that the Nexus Prime may have LTE capabilities after all.  A look at the test equipment used to produce Samsung’s FCC filings shows a Rohde and Schwarz CMW500 LTE Radio Communication Tester among a host of other equipment.  This is the same equipment that was used to test Samsung’s LTE-enabled Stratosphere, and this equipment would likely have only been used if the Prime does in fact have LTE capabilities.

So why do FCC filings make no mention of LTE despite the presence of LTE test equipment?  We’d guess that Samsung tested the Prime for multiple combinations of GSM, CDMA, 3G and LTE support at the same time, and Friday’s FCC filings are for just one version of the Prime.  Samsung took a similar approach with the Galaxy S II, which passed through the FCC multiple times.  The good news, however, is that the Prime does appear to have LTE capabilities – we’d expect to see future FCC filings from Samsung for LTE-enabled versions of the Prime.



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