Toshiba’s ultra-thin AT200 Android Honeycomb tablet hits the FCC, reveals Quanta origins


In early September, Toshiba unveiled its AT200 Android Honeycomb tablet at IFA 2011.  The 10.1-inch tablet turned heads with its slim form factor.  The tablet measures only 7.7mm thin, making it the thinnest Android tablet released (or at least planned for release) to date.

Today, the AT200 won FCC approval, getting the nod for its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.  FCC documents also reveal that the AT200 is made by Quanta – the same Chinese OEM that is responsible for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook.  Like the Playbook and Fire, the AT200 features a 1.2GHZ dual core processor from TI.  The device runs Android 3.2, and offers 64GB of storage.

The AT200 is expected to be released in Europe in Q4 2011.  Pricing or a US release date haven’t been announced yet.



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