ZTE’s V55 Android Honeycomb tablet hits the FCC on its way to Sprint


ZTE is better known for its OEM feature phones, but the company has recently started to roll out a suite of Android tablets.  Today, one of the company’s latest tablets, the V55, won FCC approval and judging from the label pic above the device appears to be headed for Sprint.

The V55 features a 10.1-inch display with a 1280×800 resolution, 1.2GHz processor and Android Honeycomb (its unclear what version of Honeycomb).  The device was first spotted at CTIA this year, although at that time ZTE didn’t provide any information about carrier partners, a release date or prince.  The V55 was expected to feature LTE capabilities, but this won’t be the case with Sprint’s version of the device.  According to FCC filings, the device will only have 3G access to Sprint’s network, along with WiFI and Bluetooth – LTE or WiMAX was not mentioned.



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