HTC Sensation’s processor gets a bump to 1.5GHz, according to FCC filings


It looks like HTC’s Sensation, aka Pyramid, will soon be getting a slight bump in its processor speed.  According to a Class II Permissive Change notice approved by the FCC today, the Sensation’s CPU frequency will be upgraded to 1.5GHz from its current 1.2GHz speed.  That will make the Sensation one of the few dual-core 1.5GHz phones available today.

The Sensation will also get a larger battery.  According to HTC’s Change Notice, the Sensation will be upgraded to a 1930mAh BG86100 battery – that’s quite a big improvement over the Sensation’s current 1520mAh battery.  It’s likely that the new battery will help to preserve the Sensation’s battery life with its processor now bumped up to 1.5GHz.



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